About Us

Projest Group Ltd is both an investment holding and an investment management and consulting firm operating in Bulgaria since 2002 with the aim of researching, selecting and offering the best entrepreneurial solutions in 4 sectors strategically diversified:

  • Organic Agriculture & Healthy Food Processing
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • E-Commerce, Marketing and Web Communication
  • Business Advisory and Project Management

On the first place we check the feasibility, economic growth and environmental sustainability of any proposal, backing it with hard work on research, comparison and selection of the best opportunity.

Each area of operation is a significant and integral part of the Group, that moves ahead confidently following a methodical and planned strategy: always looking at minimizing the business risk, considering this as “a key investing factor” when operating in a developing country like Bulgaria.



Projest Group Holding is constantly looking at expanding its areas of operation with the purpose of their further growth for the benefit of the Republic of Bulgaria economy and socio-cultural development.


Innovation, stability and transparency of Corporate Management are the founding pillars of our vision. Their consistent implementation allows the Group to provide excellent services and to add value to the investments towards achieving a sustainable growth.


The Group’s biggest investment is in human resources, being the driving force of its development and growth. With value-driven approach, we attract innovators and leaders to our business. What motivates our people to do their job best is not only the opportunity for a fast-track career progression but also the young environment which makes possible team-work and precise distribution of responsibilities. PJG staff has been selected as much for their skills and qualifications, as much for their enthusiasm and personal motivation. In all our companies special emphasis and attention is given to maintaining harmonious relationships and applying fair standards. We have managed to set up a flexible management team which has proven its effectiveness through the Group’s continuous successful business moves. We believe that the solid internal organization, precise allocation of duties and strategic planning has always helped us in overcoming various business challenges.


When you find your path, you must not be afraid.

You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes.

Disappointment, defeat and despair are the  tools God uses to show us the way.







philosophy of centralised management




Due to our philosophy of centralised management, We exert our influence through an executive representation on the boards of the controlled companies.

Same for our associated companies and joint ventures, due to the significant influence or joint control exercised by PJG through its board representation in those investee companies.

We don’t have any so called “portfolio investments”.

We are always involved in the day-to-day management of the business units of investees: most power and critical decision making responsibilities are concentrated with a few key leaders.

Being a small business enterprise, we rely and believe in the following advantages and benefits of a centralized organizational structure:

  • Focused Vision
  • Fast Execution and Easy Coordination
  • Reduced Conflict
  • Clear Communications
  • Control and Accountability